2017 Fox Kit Combos

Gear up for the ride with the new 2017 Fox Kit Combos. Fox takes care of every riders need with three styles of kit form entry level to pro performance gear the 2017 Fox line has something for everyone. Checkout the 2017 Fox 180 Kit for supreme value mixed with great durability, this line has an awesome choice of graphics and colours no matter what your style. If your more serious about the performance of your gear, then the 2017 Fox 360 Kit is for you, worn by the pro level riders globally, comfort, durability and fit is what makes this kit a must have. If your after the very ultimate technology in todays motocross world, then look no further than the new 2017 Fox Flexair Kit, this kit really is next level equipment, mixing innovative stretch fabric with ventilation, not to mention the coolest graphics out there, the 2017 Fox Flexair kit is the premium choice of motocross gear.