So we're one month into the release of the new Fox 2017 MX Collection and to celebrate the USA MXGP here is the new special Limited Edition Fox 360 Creo Gear! Where do we start with this one?! Wow! What a colour and graphic combo stunner! We love this release, simple.

Fox are always ahead of the game when it comes to limited edition releases and this line is absolutley no exception. With the theme of the USA MXGP making its mark on this gear, the patriotic colours of Red White and Blue reign strong, mixed with the cool Creo graphic it makes for one of the boldest gear sets ever. So lets look at the gear in more detail.


Fox 360 Creo USA MXGP Limited Edition Gear Set Kit Combo

Fox 360 Creo USA LE Gear Set Kit Combo

Its out, its fresh and the new 2017 Fox 360 Creo USA MXGP LE Kit is available right here at so get your red white and blue style on! 

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