Fox 2016 Foxborough LE Glow In The Dark Gear Intro

APRIL 22, 2016

Fox 2016 Libra Foxborough Limited Edition Gear

So you've seen all the media and you've wondered if it really works, well we can hoenstly say this gear is awesome! Taking Fluo to a whole new level, Fox Racing always push the boundaries of innovation and this week for the Foxborough Supercorss event we see the release of the new Fox 2016 Foxborough Limited Edition Glow in the Dark Gear. 

Fox Limited Edition Foxborough Gear

Fox V3 Libra Foxborough Limited Edition Helmet

To kick things off we look at the Fox Glow in the Dark V3 Helmet, and as its already our favourite ever helmet, who knew it could get even better. Mixing the classic Fox Libra graphic that we love on the V4 Helmet, it transfers perfectly over to the V3 Helmet and looks amazing in the new Navy/Yellow colour scheme.  If you arent familiar with the Fox V3 Helmet, this championship class helmet has everything the pro athlete would expect to see in terms of technology, comfort and fit. The Fox V3 Libra Foxborough LE Helmet incorporates a Multi Composite Carbon Shell construction with MIPS Technology incorpoarted for anti rotation safety purposes and this makes the Helmet one of the safest and protective on the market. As we mentioned the Libra graphic on the Fox V3 Limited Edition Helmet is one of our favourite ever and when you take the helmet to a dark room, guess what, it glows! Yes thats righ this is a Glow in the Dark Helmet, not that we find ourselves riding in the dark too often, but hey, its a brilliant unique concept and definaletky worth adding to you collection of Fox Helmets.

Fox 2016 V3 Libra Foxborough Limited Edition Helmet

Fox Flexair Libra Foxborough Limited Edition Gear

The Fox 2016 Flexair Libra Foxborough LE Kit Combo is next up on our intro, and boy have Fox delivered a supreme combo. We love the Fox Flexair gear, its a new concept high end technical product for 2016 and features extreme weight saving qualities its so light a Large jersey only weighs 6oz! Along with this the main idea behind Fox Flexair is comfort, movability, erganomics, ventilation and moisture control, all factors considerable with the modern day motocross athelete. The Fox Flexair gear is designed to help riders move around the motocross bike more freely and easier than ever, as riding styles have evolved over the last decade, and there is a requirment for motocross gear to acomodate these styles and demands of the athletes. The Fox Flexair Gear was introduced first in the Libra graphic an amazing cool, bold print that really does stand out and puts a stamp on your style, we love it here at Masters of MX and with key athletes like Dungey and Roczen putting this gear in the podium its had an amazing response. The Fox Flexair Limited Edition Libra Foxborough Kit comes in the Navy/Yellow colour scheme, its fresh, unique and a colour pallete we havent seen for a while, with Flo Yellow being so dominant, we're pumped to see this gear from Fox. Its sadly doesnt glow in the dark, but it sure is the one of the coolest gear sets we've seen. 

Fox 2016 Flexair Libra Foxborough Kit

Fox Instinct Foxborough Limited Edition Boots

To complete the Fox Limited Edition Foxborough gear set is the Fox Instinct LE Boot. The Fox Instinct Boot has certainly marked its teritory in the world of motocross boots, its become one of our most sought after and desirable products and its all down to its unique design, comfort, competetive boot technology and overall apeal. the Fox athletes like Dungey, Reed, and Roczen are putting this boot to the test week in week out and if you check the podium on a weekly basis, its always on there! The Fox Instinct Foxborough Limited Edition Boots are an amzing surprise, paired with the awesome V3 Helmet, this product also glows in the dark! Its incredible to see the reaction every time a new Fox Instinct LE Boot is released, we get just as excited, and when you pair the coolest coloursceme of 2016 the Navy/Yellow, with Glow in the Dark, its a perfect limited edition line up. the boot buckles and the hidden splatter effect on the boot are the areas that glow in the dark. So if you're looking for the something incredbily unique, somehting to collect to show the kids one day, be sure to grab yourself some Fox Instinct Foxbourogh Limited Edition Boots while theyre available.

Fox 2016 Instinct Foxborough LE Boots